FDWC 2021 Shows & Events

A regularly updated list of forthcoming wargaming shows and events where our club will be represented throughout the year

2nd Feb 2020

Vapnartak, York

FDWC's annual trip to the York show.

14th Mar 2020

Hammerhead, Newark

FDWC will be running a 28mm Mexican revolution game.

21st Mar 2020

Shiltron Grangemouth

15mm ADGL event 21st & 22nd March.

TBA Apr 2020

Fuel Daze, Grangemouth

Fuel Daze Scottish Warmachine event.

25th & 26th Apr 2020

Scottish National IPMS Show, Perth

Scottish National IPMS Show. FDWC will be running a 15mm Waterloo game.

9th May 2020

Carronade 2020, Falkirk

FDWC proudly presents our annual wargaming show! Click on the title link above for full details.

27th Jun 2020

Glasgow Games Gathering, Glasgow

Glasgow Games Gathering Belahouston Leisure Centre Glasgow, game TBA.

1st Aug 2020

Claymore 2020, Edinburgh

Edinburgh College (Telford campus), Edinburgh, game TBA.

10th Oct 2020

Skelp, Forfar

Awaiting further details.

21st Nov 2020

Targe, Kirriemuir

Awaiting further details.