FDWC 2020 Shows & Events

A regularly updated list of forthcoming wargaming shows and events where our club will be represented throughout the year

3rd Feb 2019

Vapnartak 2019, York

FDWC's annual trip to the York show.

2nd Mar 2019

Hammerhead 2019, Newark

FDWC will be running a Boxer Rebellion game.

27th Apr 2019

Scottish National IPMS Show, Perth

Scottish National IPMS Show, Dewars Centre Perth 27th & 28th of April. FDWC will be running a game still TBA.

9th Mar 2019

Albanich 2019, Dumfries Wargames Show

FDWC will be running a game still to be determined.

6th May 2019

Wartime Experience, National Museum of Flight

The Club has once again been invited to take part in the annual Wartime Experience event at the National Museum of Flight, East Fortune Airfield, near Haddington.

The Museum hosts a range of WW1 and WW2 re-enactors on the day along with other exhibitors illustrating various aspects of wartime life. All set amidst the Museum's extensive collection of aircraft.

We have been asked to run two public participation Wargames in the Main Hangar under the wing of Concorde. Not many gamers get a chance to play in such a unique venue! In past years we have run a Wings of Glory WW1 aircraft dogfight game alongside our patent "Tiger, Tiger!" WW2 tank combat game. Both have proved to be very popular with the public. Here's a short member video of FDWC at the 2016 show.

11th May 2019

Carronade 2019, Falkirk

FDWC proudly presents our annual wargaming show! Click on the title link above for full details.

15th Jun 2019

The Great Game Waterloo Replay, Glasgow

The Great Game Waterloo Replay 15th & 16th June, Glasgow. John Ewing is running a game at it.

29th Jun 2019

Glasgow Games Gathering, Glasgow

Glasgow Games Gathering Belahouston Leisure Centre Glasgow 29th of June, game TBA.

3rd Aug 2019

Claymore 2019, Edinburgh

Awaiting further details.

Aug 2019

Defending Fife, Dunfermline

Awaiting further details.

14th Sep 2019

Big Roman Week, Bo'ness

Roman Themed family fun day at Kinneil House, Bo'ness. Awaiting further details.

12th Oct 2019

Skelp, Forfar

The Club is putting on a Raid on Pebble Island, Falklands PP Game.

9th Nov 2019

Targe, Kirriemuir

Awaiting further details.