Carronade 2018

That's it for another year folks!

Falkirk District Wargames Club hope you enjoyed our show today and you came away with an armful for wargaming goodies and inspired by the excellent games on show.

A big thanks from us to all the traders, clubs, miniature painting artists and of course, you – the wargamers - for making the trip to Carronade and supporting The Hobby.

The Carronade 2018 gallery is now available in the Carronade Image Archive.


Take a look at the Carronade 2018 Traders! Our visitors left with wide smiles and hefty bags of wargaming loot!

List of Traders

2018 CLUBS

These are the clubs that hosted a large and varied range of demonstration and public participation games for Carronade 2018!

List of Clubs & Games