Get your cameras at the ready! Carronade 2023 will once again host wargaming clubs and traders from the local region and further afield, enthusiastically exhibiting the huge variety of genres, scales and creativity that embody our hobby. We have two types of games on offer:

Public Participation games where visitors are encouraged to try something new - whether an established set of rules or something bespoke. Roll some dice, push a few miniatures. Great fun and especially recommended for newcomers to the tabletop hobby.

Demonstration games are often elaborate games, where visitors can watch members from the hosting club or trader play through a few turns of a particular ruleset and scenario. Great for those visitors deliberating a foray into a particular system. Or just for the eye-candy!

Please note: The list of games below will be regularly updated as Carronade 2023 approaches.

  • A Return To The 80's By 2 Guys Who Should Really Know Better

    Laser Burn Megacity Gang War, 28mm PP game. Hall 1
  • Angus Wargames Club

    Night Time Raid 02 hundred hours, 28mm WW2 PP game. Hall 2
  • Batman Miniatures Game

    Batman, 28mm PP Game. Hall 5
  • Broxburn & Uphall Gaming

    Shadows of Brimstone, PP game. Hall 5

    Dead Man's Hand, PP game. Hall 1
  • East Neuk

    Who Will the Gods Favour Vikings vs Saxons, PP game. Hall 3
  • Glasgow G3

    Xtreme G Racing, PP game. Hall 1
  • Glasgow and District Wargaming Society

    Seize the Port, 28mm Napoleanic PP game. Hall 3
  • Glasgow Pheonix

    Ambush at Amon Hen, 28mm Middle Earth Strategy Battle PP game. Hall 3
  • Test of Resolve

    War of the Roses, 28mm PP game. Hall 1
  • Up Close Games

    Age of Alchemy, 28mm PP game. Hall 5
  • Aberdeen Wargames Club

    Battle of Caribstone 1571, 28mm Demo game. Hall 3
  • Dumfries Wargamers

    The Steel Works Collombelles Operation Stack WW2 Using O Group Rules, 15mm Demo game. Hall 1
  • Eldon Waters

    Goblin Civil War, 28mm Demo game. Hall 2
  • Forth Valley Wargamers

    Star Wars Legion, 28mm Demo game. Hall 3
  • Glasgow Warhogs

    WW2 Tarawa, 28mm Demo game. Hall 3
  • Glasgow Tradeston

    30 Years War, Battle of Lutter am Baremberg, 15mm Demo game. Hall 3
  • Gourock WA

    Operation Hubertus, Stalingrad 1942, 15mm Demo game. Hall 3
  • Gothenburg Gaming Group

    WW2 Singapore 1942 Golf Game, 28mm Demo game. Hall 1
  • Kirriemur WC

    Samurai Naval, Demo Game. Hall 1
  • League Of Extraordinary Kreigspielers

    Operation Sea Lion, 28mm Demo game. Hall 1
  • Leuchars Wargames Club

    A Slice of Carentan WW2, 28mm Demo game. Hall 3
  • Jerwood Oldham Wargaming

    A Day in Pictland, Demo game. Hall 5

    Border Reivers, 28mm Demo game. Hall 1
  • S.P.I.T. Wargames

    Warsaw Uprising 1944, 28mm Demo game. Hall 3
  • St Aidans

    Blood Bowl, 28mm Demo game. Hall 5
  • The Immortals

    Republican Roman vs Successors, 28mm Demo game. Hall 3
  • The Iron Brigade

    The Battle of Hopton Heath 1643, 28mm Demo game. Hall 3
  • Tyneside WC

    WW2 Eastern Front, 20mm Chain of Command Demo game. Hall 5
  • Westerhope Wargames Group

    Battle of Watling Street, 28mm Demo game. Hall 3

CLUB ENQUIRIES: Kenny Thomson, email, telephone 01324 714248