Carronade 2017
Club Demo
& Public Participation Games

Club NameGame descriptionGame Type
Angus Wargames ClubFrench Indian War 28mm using Muskets & Tomahawks rulesDemonstration game
Bathgate WC
Lord Elpus On The Whisky Trail: A Jacobite Myth, 28mm Public Participation
Border ReiversCross of Iron, 28mm WW2 Demonstration game
Dumfries WC[tbc][tbc]
Dumfries & Galloway Gaming Club
Dunfermline WCCommand & Colours Ancients & Napoleonics, 15mmDemonstration game
Durham WC42mm Spainish Civil War Demonstration game
DWARF Beyond The Gates Of Antares, 28mm Battle for Pharlain IVPublic Participation
East Kilbride WarlordsMen Who Would Be King 20mm Northwest Frontier Demonstration game
East Street GamesValhalla VikingsPublic Participation
GDWCConan The Barbarian, 28mm Public Participation
Glasgow G3[tbc][tbc]
Glasgow PheonixRamillies, 6mm Demonstration game
Glasgow TradestonThe Battle Of Freeman's Farm 1777, 10mm AWIDemonstration game
Glasgow WarhogsRuhr City 28mm WW2Demonstration game
Gourock Wargames AssociationBattle of Williamburg 1781Demonstration game
Greenock & District Wargames ClubMad Max, 28mmPublic Participation
James Thomson & Jerwood Miniatures28mm Modern SkirmishDemonstration game
Kirriemuir WC10mm ACW using Bloody Big Battle rulesPublic Participation
League Of AugsburgGreat Northern War, 28mmDemonstration game
League Of Extraordinary KreigspielersMayhem On The Mohawk, 28mm Seven Years War demoDemonstration game
Leuchars VeteransFury, 28mmPublic Participation
Ministry Of Gentlemanly WarfareGothic supplement for In Her Majesty's Name:
Gothic Abraham Van Helsing v Victor Von Frankenstein 
Public Participation
Old Meldrum WG Quatre Bras 6mm demo game using Blucher rulesDemonstration game
Quorum Games Club TV 7 Zombie, 28mmDemonstration game
South East Scotland Wargames club[tbc][tbc]
St Aidans WarriorsBeyond The Gates Of Antares, 28mm Demonstration game
Stirling Wargamers 15mm WW2 Tanks public participation gamePublic Participation
The Iron BrigadeWar of The Roses, 28mmDemonstration game
The Wargames Society of Contemptible Bastards 28mm The Breton War of Succession, Hundred Years WarDemonstration game
Tyneside WC[tbc][tbc]
Village Vanguard1st Day at Gettysburg, 28mm demo gameDemonstration game
WarpackFantasy demo game Demonstration Game
Westhope WCSeven Years War, 40mm Demonstration Game