Get your cameras at the ready! Carronade 2019 will once again host wargaming clubs and traders from the local region and further afield, enthusiastically exhibiting the huge variety of genres, scales and creativity that embody our hobby. We have two types of games on offer:

Public Participation games where visitors are encouraged to try something new - whether an established set of rules or something bespoke. Roll some dice, push a few miniatures. Great fun and especially recommended for newcomers to the tabletop hobby.

Demonstration games are often elaborate games, where visitors can watch members from the hosting club or trader play through a few turns of a particular ruleset and scenario. Great for those visitors deliberating a foray into a particular system. Or just for the eye-candy!

Please note: The list of games below will be regularly updated as Carronade 2019 approaches.

  • Angus

    Frostgrave Archipelago 28mm PP game
  • Bathgate WC

    Lost Balloonatics In Dino Hell 2 PP game
  • Border Reviers

    Harbour Assault 1/600 scale Napoleonic Naval demo game
  • Captain Jack's Locker

    Caribbean Extravaganza 28mm Pirate game PP/Demo
  • Common Ground Games

    Game TBA
  • Durham WC

    Magnesia 190 BC 28mm Demo game.

    Game TBA
  • East Neuk Irregulars

    Rhodesia Bush Wars 28mm PP game
  • Funky Skull Games

    Street Wars PP game
  • Glasgow G3

    GI Joe v Cobra 7TV PP Game
  • GDWS

    Breakout From Zara The Italian Invasion Of Yugoslavia 1939 PP game
  • Glasgow Pheonix

    Medieval Beast Hunting 28mm PP game
  • Glasgow Warhogs

    Stalingrad Tractor Factory Demo game
  • Gothenburg Gaming Group

    High Noon PP game
  • Gourock WA

    Game TBA
  • Jerwood Miniatures

    Game TBA
  • Kallistra

    Game TBA
  • Kirriemur WC

    Wild West 28mm Demo game
  • League Of Extraordinary Kreigspielers

    Back of Beyond 28mm Demo game
  • Leuchars Veterans

    The Last Samurai 28mm Demo game
  • Quorum GC

    7TV Demo game
  • Sarissa Precision

    Mortal Gods PP game
  • Scottish Wildlings

    9th Age WHFB Demo game

    Crete May 1941 15mm Demo game
  • St Aidans Warriors

    Gaslands PP game
  • Stirling Wargamers

    40K knights & 40K Kill Team PP game
  • Studio Miniatures

    Quest for the Holy Grail PP game
  • The Iron Brigade

    Sudan 1884 28mm demo
  • The Wargames Society Of Contemptible Bastards

    Harlaw 1411 28mm Demo game
  • Tradeston WC

    Battle of Abensburg 1809 15mm Napoleonic demo game
  • Tyneside WC

    Battle of Kursk 1943 6mm demo game
  • Up Close Games

    Age of Alchemy demo game
  • Village Vanguard

    Romans vs Ancient Britons 28mm Demo game
  • Warbases

    Game TBA
  • Westerhope

    Zulu 28mm Demo game

CLUB ENQUIRIES: Kenny Thomson, email, telephone 01324 714248