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Falkirk District Wargames Club was founded in May of 1997 and were initially located in the North End Hall, Bainsford with a dozen or so members. After two interesting years and an ever growing membership we relocated to our current location, Newlands Community Hall, Grangemouth.

We have a very active membership and are always happy to see new faces. The club has consistently showcased games at most of the Scottish & some North of England Wargames shows. And we organise our own annual show - CARRONADE!

The Club meets at the Newlands Community Centre, Montgomery Street, Grangemouth every Monday between 7pm and 11pm, and for those looking for an epic game, on the last Sunday of the month between 10am and 6pm.

We are an informal, easy going group and are happy for anyone to come along, have a chat and see what we do. We welcome and encourage new players, whatever their age or level of experience. With over 50+ members you are likely to find a willing opponent for your system of choice!

We also have a lively Facebook group!

Our members play a diverse range of tabletop wargames from historical, fantasy, Sci-Fi and all the sub-genres in between!

On any given night your are likely to see historical battles being played out on land air and sea, alongside fantasy skirmishing or epic battles in mythical realms. Or even beyond, to galactic encounters in deepest space! Our members represent a broad range of experience and interests covering all aspects of our wargaming hobby. 

Take a look at the FDWC membership page for further information. Thanks!

Falkirk District Wargames Club is based in Grangemouth in the Central Belt of Scotland. The Falkirk area has a rich military history: the Eastern end of the Roman Antonine wall passes through here; the sites of the battles of 1st Falkirk (1298, Scottish Wars of Independence) and 2nd Falkirk (1746, Jacobite Rebellion) are on our doorstep. Plus Bannockburn (1314) is 9 miles to the north and Linlithgow Bridge (1526) is just 8 miles east.

The club was founded back in May 1997 with 13 original members and has grown steadily since. Our current membership is over 50 people and many of the original founders are still involved. Our focus is primarily on GAMING, not committees, and formalities are usually limited to one quick AGM per year that still leaves plenty of time to get a game in!

Newlands Community Hall, Grangemouth. We meet in a spacious, well maintained and bright hall that is run by the local council and provides a great space for gaming, with a large storage area for the club’s bulging collection of scenery and boards.

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Newlands Community Hall  is based on the corner of Montgomery Street and Central Avenue next to the TA Centre, Grangemouth. 

Phone: Kenny Thomson 01324 714248