Carronade 2021 Painting Competition

This year we have 7 categories for you to showcase your miniature painting skills, whether an accomplished artist or just starting out.

£1 per single entry and the deadline for your submission is by 1 pm on the day.

Simply request an entry form at the front desk, at the painting competition area in hall 5 upstairs, or download a copy below.

You can enter as many categories as you are eligible!

Take a look at the categories below...

Download the entry form

Single Historical figure

Any single figure from any historical period.

Single Fantasy or SF figure

A single Fantasy or Science Fiction figure, including all sub-genres, e.g. Steampunk, Victorian SF etc.

Historical unit

A group of figures from any historical period.

Fantasy or SF unit

A group of figures from Fantasy, Science Fiction or any sub-genres, e.g. Steampunk, Victorian SF etc.

Armoured Fighting Vehicle - Historical

A fighting vehicle from any historical period.

Armoured Fighting Vehicle - Fantasy/SF

A fighting vehicle, dropship, tank etc. from any Fantasy, Sci-Fi genre

Junior (under 16)

Anything wargaming related!

Good luck!