40 TRADERS: At the core of any wargaming show are the traders. Carronade attracts traders from near and afar supplying all your wargaming needs. Whether you’re searching for a new set of rules, miniatures from history, fantasy, science fiction (and everything in between); scenery, paints, meeples and whatnots of every kind. You’re likely to find what you're looking for.

Our advice is to ensure you remember to bring along a reusable shopping bag and preferably cash to procure that bargain!

Please note: the list of attending traders below will be regularly updated as Carronade 2019 approaches. (Last updated 19/03/2019)

15mm Skirmish Supplies - hall

4A Miniatures - hall

Ainsty Castings - hall

Caliver Books - hall

Claymore Castings - hall

Colonel Bill's Wargaming Depot - hall

Common Ground Games - hall

Crann Tara Miniatures - hall

Dave Thomas - hall

Eagle Figures - hall 1

Floating World Designs - hall

Games Of War - hall

Graham's Wuerkshoppe - hall

Grubby Tanks - hall

Gydran Miniatures Studio - hall

Hoka Hey Wargaming - hall

Iron Gate Scenery - hall

Jon Hodgson Design - hall

Kallistra - hall

Lancashire Games - hall

Magnetic Displays & Coritani - hall

Northumbrian Painting Services - hall

Northumbrian Tin Soldier - hall

Old Glory - hall

PBmodelmaking - hall

Pendraken Miniatures & Minibits - hall

Red Dice Games -hall

S&A Scenics - hall

Sarissa Precision (with Footsore Miniatures and Warbanner) - hall

Sheltrum Miniatures - hall

Scotia Grendel - hall

Static Games - hall

Stonewall Figures - hall

Studio Miniatures - hall

Templar Wargames & Scenery - hall

The Baggage Train - hall

The Last Valley - hall

Tumbling Dice - hall

War HQ - hall

Warbases - hall

Wargames Foundry - hall

Warlord Games - hall

TRADE ENQUIRIES: Douglas Thomson, email, telephone 07973 270687